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to show off pictures like street art, we developped, at W.44,  original mountings you will find nowhere else.


Are you looking for something specific, with a tailored service that helps you finding the best solution for your best photos ?
We will work together till finding the solution that fits your needs, including necessary proofing before final printing and mounting.


dacss, a native Brussels’ photographer, is available on demand for your specific missions.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation.


W.44 Photo Gallery

W.44 stand for ‘Worshop 44‘. 

Workshop as the gallery contains, in his baseman, a complete workshop dedicated to the photography.
But also as the gallery is situated at the very center of Brussels, the perfect playground for street photography.

44 simply because the gallery is located at number 44 of the street.

The W.44 photo gallery is an original project which aims, for these founders, to pose, and who knowns, even to bring, a different perspective on the world
… and to share it with a greater number of people.

Do not hesitate to come to contribute…



dacss is a native Brussels photographer that is tracking humanity through street view, street art and portrait photography:

“Human is born with the difficult mission of bringing meaning. This pushes people to invent countless stories, complex codes and way of living together.”

Art, expression, culture are ways to reach this unbearable mission.

dacss has chosen photography to track our humanity
Through lenses and light, poetry shows up
Rare are ugly things when looking closely, searching for the human behind

Street is dacss favorite playground
For him, street is life

Street-Art is part of the street
Often an interesting cry, strong, full of energy

Portrait is, as street view and street art, something so human.
An opportunity to establish a privileged link with our humanity.


dacss has the willing to have a total and complete approach of the photography. He sees the different stages, that lead to a final work into our physical world, as so many opportunities to emphase his subject and express the emotions he feels.

An analogy with a play is a good way to understand what each step in the realization process may bring:

To build a good play, we first need a good original text/scenario.
Similarly, the photographer must develop his way of looking to the world and his photographic skills to take good images.

A good play will only be of value if a director has a strong and original idea of the discourse and the direction he wants to give to the original text.
Similarly, during the development process (especially with digital photography), the photographer has the opportunity to highlight his subject and the emotions he wants to convey by using the full range of tools at his disposal. As a simple example, a black&white development will not provide the same result and emotion as a color photography.

Finally, a good play will be nothing without good actors.
Similarly, a good photo will be nothing, into our physical world, without a good print and an appropriate mounting. The choice of paper and medium will have a significant impact on the perception of the final work.

By choosing, to include in its practice, all aspects of photography (shooting, digital development, printing and mounting), dacss is able to choose, at each stage, the elements that will best serve its purpose.