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to show off pictures like street art, we developped, at W.44,  original mountings you will find nowhere else.


Are you looking for something specific, with a tailored service that helps you finding the best solution for your best photos ?
We will work together till finding the solution that fits your needs, including necessary proofing before final printing and mounting.


dacss, a native Brussels’ photographer, is available on demand for your specific missions.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation.

Photographe bruxellois captivé par la pureté des lignes et des perspectives des paysages urbains. 
Attaché à leur interprétation dans le monde très singulier de sa vision des noir et blanc. 
Auteur du livre « Bruxelles, ma belle » qui sera montré pour la première fois lors  de l’exposition chez W44 Photo Gallery.

Brussels-based photographer captivated by the purity of the lines and perspectives of urban landscapes.
Committed to interpreting them in the highly singular world of his black and white vision.
Publish a new book titled « Bruxelles, ma belle » that will be available during the exhibition at W44 Photo Gallery.

More on https://jm-aloy.be/

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