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to show off pictures like street art, we developped, at W.44,  original mountings you will find nowhere else.


Are you looking for something specific, with a tailored service that helps you finding the best solution for your best photos ?
We will work together till finding the solution that fits your needs, including necessary proofing before final printing and mounting.


dacss, a native Brussels’ photographer, is available on demand for your specific missions.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation.

Portrait info

By choosing W.44 for your portrait, you get

The studio takes place into W.44 photo gallery, in Brussels historical center. It is ideal for Head & Shoulder portrait of one to two person*. The space is cozy, warmly filled with photos from the gallery … And you will be ideally located to continue your journey enjoying a bar’s or restaurant’s terrace in this vibrant corner of Brussels.

You will be accompanied throughout the process. A first exchange will take place few days before the shooting. This will allow a better understanding of your needs while support you in preparing the shooting itself.

Both being prepared for the shooting session, you may arrived relaxed the D day. The approach is meant to be simple and human. Everything is set up for you to understand how it works. The emphasis is on interactivity. You have direct and continuous feedback from the photos that are taken. This allows us to see, together, the impacts of this or that modification of the pose, and to find the one that suits you best.

In the days following the session, we will preselect a number of photos and make them available for you via a private Internet gallery. You can choose the photos that suit you best (quantity depending on the chosen formula). Your final selection will be processed to get the most of the pictures. The final result will be sent to you to finalize the mission. If the result should not meet your expectations, only the deposit is due.

Digital has many advantages. It allows you to take as many photos as necessary, to instantly appreciate the result, to correct and complete the work with advanced digital processing … This efficiency leaves less room for the unforeseen, for imperfection… for poetry. By completing your session with the Grand Classic option, you open the door to something else. Now that you have learned to tame the lens using digital tools, I am offering you the possibility to extend the session with twelve analog shots taken with a legendary Rolleiflex**. It will bring the charm of a legendary camera and a traditional analog film.

Interrested ?   Access the price list by filling the form bellow:

* Larger portrait format is also possible.

** A Rolleiflex is a vintage binocular medium format camera developed by Franke & Heidecke at Brunswick in Germany since 1929. This type of camera was known for its exceptional build quality, compact size and superior optics

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